27 June 2011

Internship - Good Things

I'm over halfway through this eight week internship and things are going well. It feels great to have confidence at work and to have that show for others as well. Some good things that have happened:

The directors of both shows know my name as do all the actors. The only people who call me my first name are front of house staff.

The actors thank the technicians most nights as they are leaving and we're cleaning up. Most of them thank us by name.

The tech director said I was one of the best interns they've had running the sound effects.

I can now carry the big, heavy backstage speakers down to the bunker without having to set them down and catch my breath.

I've been allowed to do several small jobs not directly associated with the position I'm there to fill.

The last piece of good news isn't really work related, though that is where it happened. I was up at the booth, helping out with another small not-related-to-my-position type job. After that was done, I jogged to the bunker to help mic actors. When the actors came down for their mics, one of the actresses I was miking commented that she'd seen me. When she told me she'd seen me and that I had a wonderful, smooth gait. I'm sure I beamed as I thanked her, told her I was flattered, and then told her I was trying hard to start running regularly. She then turned to another actress and said "you were right, she is a runner!"

Oh, sweet sweet justification, how I love it. Hearing those words, hearing myself described by a complete stranger as a runner, made my night. That little bit of non-work-related comment is probably one of the best things that's happened out here.
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