31 October 2011

A Taste of Insanity

It's October 31st, which means tomorrow is the beginning of NaNoWriMo! I've written about NaNoWriMo here before, a challenge in November where participants attempt to each write a 50k word novel manuscript in 30 days. Well, this year, in true NaNo spirit, I've decided to take leave of my senses.

My personal goal will be 2 50k manuscripts in 30 days. Two different ideas and a total goal word count of 100k. I'm sure this is going to be an interesting month. Best of luck to any other participants out there.

12 October 2011

Good advice

"I'll forget the pain it took to finish, but I'll always remember if I quit." - Brian Foux

I came across this saying last night and loved it because the words ring so true to so many aspects of life. Sometimes, we have to take risks and push on to find success. I do remember every time I've quit or given up on a challenge, phoned it in and finished with work that was the result of only a partial or paltry effort. I also remember every challenge I've succeeded at and how fantastic it felt, how all the pain and intense effort fled from mind and memory as soon as I crossed the metaphorical finish line.

I thought this quote appropriate for me as I train for a 5k later this month and prepare for another year of NaNoWriMo. I also felt it worked well for this, my 100th blog entry. Though I love writing more than anything, blogging isn't always easy for me, never mind the challenge of finding something to write about and the time in which to do it. Thankfully, every word I write, every step I run, puts me closer to success.

Succeed at something today - every day - and congratulate yourself when you do.

03 October 2011

A couple of poems

I wrote these in creative writing class and liked them a lot. Enjoy!

Writer's Block

Blank page
Empty, white and clean.
It taunts me.
Potential -
there's so much there,
but nothing comes.
Make a mark,
a line,
a doodle -
anything to mar that white.
Still, nothing comes.
What if nothing ever comes?
Can this empty page
take away what I am,
how I define myself?
Why is my most important tool
so menacing?


You dance wildly,
not caring who sees.
You run with an energy I envy.
Then, you are by my side,
a picture of innocence.
You giggle madly
and tug my arm,
begging so plainly,
grinning wide.
Already, you know I will give in.
I could never refuse you.
Hard to say no to a five year old.