19 March 2015

Ideas lead to ideas

Life is going crazy. I am dealing with stress at work and trying to plan my wedding at the same time. The ceremony is in May. Two months and change to get everything figured out. Yeah, I think I am going a little nuts.

I finally finished fighting with the insurance company at work and, hate to say, lost the fight. My health insurance is now coming out of my own pocket. Not cool, but necessary.

I am also getting back to my writing. Sitting in the break room at work, I was roughing out a chapter for my current WIP when, inevitably, I got another idea. So, while working on my current big project, I will be jotting down notes for a side project. If I can pull it off, things should be interesting. If I can't pull it off, at least I am writing again. There is never a time that doesn't feel good.

What is a long lost project you have come back to? What are you working on that's new?

21 January 2015

Pursuing my passion

Whatever writing bug has bitten me, I am thrilled to announce that my drive has not lessened. With the internet down, a lot of my work was put at a stand still for the moment. Of course, the internet malfunction also means I don't have a lot to do with my down time but write. I love productivity excuses like that!

Right now, I have a decent number of projects going. I'm continually adding to my novel in progress. I'm working on some short fiction and some articles. These days, if I'm not working or cleaning, I'm writing - and it feels great!

13 January 2015

There's some news

Oh yeah. I started a story forever ago over on my writing blog. There is all of one entry over there. Maybe I should add to that. Whoops.

Well, I am slowly getting back to my writing and my blogging, as evidenced by this entry. Honestly, I'm loving it. The tedious hard work part of it is kind of agonizing as ever, but that's because I have to make myself work. Once I get started though, I just feel this instant release. I am so happy I am finally back to writing. Not only am I back to my writing, but my boyfriend is fully supporting me. I swear he has asked me three times today how many words I have written. Until now, I had to admit that my count was at zero. I got in from work, kissed him on the cheek, cuddled for a minute, and now here I am, typing up a blog post.

My biggest piece of news, other than the writing (do I ramble about it enough?) isn't official news yet. My sweetheart and I are trying to buy a house about fifteen minutes from where we live now. It is the next town over and a little bit of a commute for both of us, but that's not so bad. Especially since this house will be ours as opposed to a rental.

The house in question is next to his aunt and uncle and across the highway from my grandparents, so we have a small support system out there. We will also own a few acres of land. My sweetheart is really interested in homesteading and living off the land, so that is what we hope to establish out there. Right now, a lot is riding on hope. And the waiting is killing me.

Is there something you are waiting for that you want terribly? Have you recently recaptured a dream or set a goal? Tell me about it.

09 January 2015

Setting goals - again

I love writing and I want to write more. This blog has heard it all and then some from me. So here I am again writing about wanting to write. Not only do I want to write but I'm hoping I can find ways to make money by writing. Freelance work does not pay a lot, I know, but a girl's gotta start somewhere. Before I can dive into the freelance world, however, I need to cultivate better writing habits in myself. I need to write more. Here are my goals and my plans to accomplish them.

Goal: two blog entries per week minimum. This entry is one down, one to go.

How it will happen: coffee. No, I am not just talking about the drink. I go to coffee at least three mornings a week over at my grandma's. This is sort of an event, lasting at least two hours (8am to 10 am or so.) I should be able to crank out easy writing while I am here visiting.

Coffee time is also part of my plan for completing goal two. I plan to finish (first draft) at least two chapters on my current work in progress per week.

The above goals should have me writing three days a week at least. To fill the empty time, I am looking at a third goal. I want to write a story for Princess Emma. My goal is a completed first draft manuscript by the end of next month.

Up next, the addendums. Well, there is only one right now. While at coffee, I am allowing myself to write from my phone as long as 1. I write at least 100 words (this number will go up in the future) and 2. I verify with someone else there that I am not just goofing off online, posting to reddit, etc.

Finally, the consequences. At present, thanks to a lucky hand at poker, my boyfriend owes me backrubs. If I fail at my two blog entries/chapters per week, he will get one backrub removed from the total he owes me. Can I think of any other consequences? Not really.

I am sure there will be more goals and rambling and such here later. Watch for it. What goals have you set for yourself?