09 January 2015

Setting goals - again

I love writing and I want to write more. This blog has heard it all and then some from me. So here I am again writing about wanting to write. Not only do I want to write but I'm hoping I can find ways to make money by writing. Freelance work does not pay a lot, I know, but a girl's gotta start somewhere. Before I can dive into the freelance world, however, I need to cultivate better writing habits in myself. I need to write more. Here are my goals and my plans to accomplish them.

Goal: two blog entries per week minimum. This entry is one down, one to go.

How it will happen: coffee. No, I am not just talking about the drink. I go to coffee at least three mornings a week over at my grandma's. This is sort of an event, lasting at least two hours (8am to 10 am or so.) I should be able to crank out easy writing while I am here visiting.

Coffee time is also part of my plan for completing goal two. I plan to finish (first draft) at least two chapters on my current work in progress per week.

The above goals should have me writing three days a week at least. To fill the empty time, I am looking at a third goal. I want to write a story for Princess Emma. My goal is a completed first draft manuscript by the end of next month.

Up next, the addendums. Well, there is only one right now. While at coffee, I am allowing myself to write from my phone as long as 1. I write at least 100 words (this number will go up in the future) and 2. I verify with someone else there that I am not just goofing off online, posting to reddit, etc.

Finally, the consequences. At present, thanks to a lucky hand at poker, my boyfriend owes me backrubs. If I fail at my two blog entries/chapters per week, he will get one backrub removed from the total he owes me. Can I think of any other consequences? Not really.

I am sure there will be more goals and rambling and such here later. Watch for it. What goals have you set for yourself?
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