28 July 2010

Books, books, books!

Well, I've met my personal goal. Yesterday and today, I worked on getting every book I own out of storage and sorting through them. Anything I've read a million and one times was put aside to be passed on for someone else to enjoy. Anything I know I won't read, but was holding on to for sheer sentimental reasons was also passed on. Counting the boxes that fell apart on me, I brought fifteen standard-size cardboard boxes into the house. One box went straight to the trash - the bugs had done too much damage, eating into the pages of the books. After that, the organizing started.

There was a lot of stacking, moving around, re-stacking, etc. last night. I flitted around the dining room table, sometimes like a butterfly searching for a specific stack or leafing through each stack. Other times, I was a woman on a mission. I knew exactly where whichever book was and knew it had been put in the wrong pile. Add in our new cat, Diana, who proved herself a feline Wishbone when she curled up and fell asleep on my books, knocking piles as she got comfortable, and it made for a very interesting night.

Today, I got all the books put away. Two boxes worth of books went into a plastic storage bin - something bugs can't get into - to be returned to storage. Five boxes were packed up to be passed on to whomever wants them. The topics vary wildly. Books about Lenin sat next to a collection of religious texts - everything from the Book of Mormon to the Bahagavad-Gita - and all that sat beside books from my childhood that are in need of new homes. Now, I'm sitting in my mildly rearranged bedroom with my bookshelves crammed full of the works I decided I wanted to keep and have accessible. If I did my math right, excluding the 6-7 dictionaries/encyclopedias sitting in a basket together, I currently have around 280 books in my bedroom. All this just so I could find my Harry Potter series - which was fully recovered, completely unharmed, and is currently sitting with my favorite Stephen King book of all time, It, on the fourth shelf of my small bookshelf.

Hm... I think I have some reading to do. :)

25 July 2010

I must not tell lies

I've always loved writing and reading both. Lately, I've found myself hungering for a favorite fandom of the past. Rather than my recent obsession of Twilight, I've been wanting to delve into the Wizarding World. Yes, I've been missing the world of Harry Potter. In my opinion, it's better written than Twilight and has more "staying power." The seven books were truly the story of a generation. They hold themes that last forever: friendship, bravery, love, loyalty, and many more.

I started re-reading the books last semester and made it to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. However, those books belonged to my room-mate. Now that I'm home, I'll have to dig my own books out of storage. Haven't done it yet because storage is...well, pretty full and mostly books. I've been re-watching the movies - the ones I can find, anyway. Order of the Phoenix seems to have vanished, which is really irritating to me. Of course, my DVDs are getting a little worn out. They've developed scratches and the like, which makes movie watching difficult. I did some research this week and learned that James Potter's birthday is two days before mine. :)

Research has also told me how much I missed in the books, how much I forgot. I didn't remember the back story of the Ravenclaw diadem as detailed in Deathly Hallows. I lost so many details of Severus Snape's story-line - though I did remember the ending and most of the important facts. Yeah, I forgot a lot of little stuff and I genuinely want to get back into that world. Just need to make time to go dig through my boxes and locate my books.

21 July 2010

Electronic Mishaps

Yeah, I'm doing a great job of blogging, I know. I've had my six year old niece and two year old nephew visiting this week as well as my three year old sister coming over for babysitting. This only reminds me that I am not ready to have kids. On top of this exhausting job of helping to keep track of kiddos and trying not to depend too much on the electronic babysitter for them, I've also spent most of the summer without my own power cord for my computer.

The problem started very simply: one power cord went out and the new one was shorter than my first. Because it was shorter, I pulled it too far, which caused some of the wires to be exposed. Well, that's easily fixed. That's one reason electrical tape was made, right? Okay, it's not a legitimate fix, but it held together for months. One day, a few weeks after I'd come home for the summer, I found out that one of the wires had totally been stripped. The fibers in it had disintegrated or something cause they were just gone! Well, damn. Now I've got to scrap the cord.

Thankfully, the battery pack is still good. Not that it does me any good when it can't plug into the wall, but it's better than nothing. We got online that day and ordered a new cord (thanks again mom!) and everything was gonna be fine, awesome even. I'd only have to wait a week or two and my new power cord would come in the mail.

Sadly, it has now been over a month and still no power cord. I've been borrowing compatible cords from my stepdad and neighbor, who both have laptops. However, since I don't want to put either of them out, I'm not going to just lay a claim and steal the power cord from their own computers. That's just plain rude and I don't honestly need my laptop that badly. I am getting impatient for that power cord, but a wait of longer than a month seems excessive for such a simple item. They were on back order when we placed the initial order, I get that, but come on!

As if this weren't enough electronic trouble for one summer, my laptop hinge has knocked itself out of whack so badly that there's a crack in it and screws are falling out. For all these irritating reasons, I'm typing this blog on mom's computer (thanks again, mom!) and will be picking up my lappy from the local repair store tomorrow. (thanks for the $ dad!) With any luck, I can get some smooth sailing on my side sometime soon.
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14 July 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Alright, I'm trying something a little different. Maybe a weekly feature will give me reason to write here. The new feature is called Wordy Wednesday, a spin-off of the ever-popular Wordless Wednesday. What is Wordy Wednesday, you ask? Well, other than an attempt to inspire this writer to get writing, it's also an attempt at bettering myself. I'm going to find a word and write about it. Hopefully, I can find some words that I don't already know. Nothing wrong with building vocabulary, after all.

Okay, explanation over! Time for today's word: diaeresis. The word has Greek roots and comes from the verb diairesis, which means "to divide." It indicates the separate pronunciation of two adjacent vowels in the same word, like cooperate. This is shown via a punctuation mark that looks like this: coƶperate. A diaeresis is commonly used in the German language as well as Dutch and French.

Of course, diaeresis has a few other definitions, all of them stemming from the root. Free dictionary gives an added use in poetry, where a diaeresis is a break in a line of verse where the end of a word and the end of a metrical foot coincide. Dieresis, which has a slightly different spelling, is a medical term indicating surgical separation of two parts.

13 July 2010

Hyperfocus - the key to my goals

Today was a hyperfocus day. That hyperfocus was what really brought me back to this blog. Hyperfocus is this amazingly awesome thing that comes part and parcel with attention deficit disorder, which I was finally diagnosed with my first year of college. (I'll save that story for more potential blog fodder.) My hyperfocus days are kind of rare, at least in my opinion. Others who know me might disagree, but hey, its my body and I know it best. Maybe I need to back-track and explain.

Hyperfocus, when it comes, allows me to narrow my normally wide focus down to just a few things. I never really know what I'm going to be focusing on until it happens; it's not something I can choose to do, though I've tried in the past. Sometimes, I'll get lucky and hyperfocus will kick in while I'm studying. It's not a side-effect of my medication either - which I actually didn't take today. Oops. Oh well. I managed fine without it. Today, fortunately, became a goal setting day.

Goal one: clean my bedroom. I've been wanting to do this for days. Today, I got it done. My closet got emptied and re-organized, my bed got fresh sheets put on it, and there are big empty spaces on my dresser and desks where piles of books, notebooks, and papers used to be. A few days ago, when this need to clean up my personal space started, I dug everything out of my closet and even got rid of a few things I never wore or had owned too long and wore too much. The rearranging was done carefully as well, deliberately designed to prevent me from pulling out the same dozen or so t-shirts that I wear all the time.

Goal two: blog again. Yes, yes, I know, my blog has been far too quiet for far too long. Real life caught up to me with a vengeance. That, too, I'll keep out of this particular entry. Things just got crazy during the semester. Today's entry is the first step on a new road of blogging.

Goal three: work out. I already walk daily - two miles a day average while walking the dogs. Today, I didn't take the dogs and man, oh, man did I kick up some dust! Using my iPod to keep my feet moving in rhythm, I kept up a steady pace, faster than a leisurely stroll, for the entire two miles! I felt so good as I was heading back home that I found myself looking around for a way to lengthen my route. I'm hoping to reach a point where walking can turn into jogging and, eventually, running. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Goal four: eat more. Tied in with goal three. By jogging, I can do twice the work and cover half the distance. Because I want to work out more and, in addition to my daily walk, will be taking a yoga class twice a week next semester, I know I've got to up my caloric intake. Every semester, school reaches a point where I don't have time to really eat as much as I need, never mind enjoying the meal. Then it hits the point where I simply don't enjoy the food because the options never change. Breakfast is the worst culprit, a meal I'm already not terribly fond of. Hopefully, this semester, I can figure out a balance.

Goal five: find next semester's class schedule. (So much for the room cleaning... I know it's in here somewhere...) I need to write down a schedule and include my classes, my meals, my work-out time, and a potential part-time job, along with study time, writing time, blogging time, down time, and time to do the work I need to do as part of a member of the theater department. Budgeting I'm not so hot on, but scheduling I think I can do.

I've read before that you're not supposed to share some goals with other people. Of course, that bit of advice was solely in reaction to writing and I have tried to keep a few of my story ideas under my hat. These goals, though, I'm sharing here so I can be held accountable.

Yeah, my blog on hyperfocus turned into me yammering about personal goals. Oh well. Welcome to the mind of an ADDer! What personal goals have you set? Which ones would you like to set? What holds you back from meeting your goals?
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