19 March 2015

Ideas lead to ideas

Life is going crazy. I am dealing with stress at work and trying to plan my wedding at the same time. The ceremony is in May. Two months and change to get everything figured out. Yeah, I think I am going a little nuts.

I finally finished fighting with the insurance company at work and, hate to say, lost the fight. My health insurance is now coming out of my own pocket. Not cool, but necessary.

I am also getting back to my writing. Sitting in the break room at work, I was roughing out a chapter for my current WIP when, inevitably, I got another idea. So, while working on my current big project, I will be jotting down notes for a side project. If I can pull it off, things should be interesting. If I can't pull it off, at least I am writing again. There is never a time that doesn't feel good.

What is a long lost project you have come back to? What are you working on that's new?