01 September 2010

School Daze

I am so glad to get back into the routine of school! Of course, that also means I'm already sick of it - even after three days! Go figure. Oh well. Risk of boredom aside, things are going well. I'm thrilled to be back with the theater department, back to class, and all the rest of it. Commuting isn't all that bad; I'll have no problem adjusting to it at all. I actually like being able to go home each night, getting to touch base and return to my family, my pets, my belongings, etc. I think it keeps me more organized.

Classes are going well so far, especially since nothing's been graded yet, which means I'm technically making As in all my classes. :) I won't say no to that. Auditions were the first day, as always, but I didn't get a part in the play. I'm okay with that. Auditions went really well, I think. I was asked to read twice for the first time ever, which made me feel really good. I also found out I can do a French accent! Yeah, school's going well. I haven't managed to fall behind yet. Here's hoping I can keep things rolling along this well.
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