17 September 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Well, the semester has started and, as usual, the theater department has hit the ground running. We had auditions the first day of school. I didn't get a part onstage, but I am acting as prop head for the fifth time and getting to run the sound board during the run of the show. By virtue of my scenic painting class, I'm also on the paint crew for, at least, our first two shows. We're laying and painting floor for the first show. Yay... -.-

Though I didn't get a role in our first show, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, I did land the role of a pirate in our Young People's Series production of Peter Pan and Wendy. Though I only have one line, I also get to sing with the rest of the pirates and get to help play the crocodile. Tech weekend for the first show is next weekend and I'm already foreseeing a lot of work to get all the props ready in time. Thank god I've got a good sized prop crew this time around. I just have to open up the lines of communication and see who's working and who's not. Going to work on that today.

The week following tech is, of course, performance week for our first show. I'll be spending my evenings up in the booth, listening for cues from the stage manager and praying no props get broken since I won't be able to run downstairs to help fix them. The parental units got season tickets again, of course, and are going to our Friday shows this year. Last year, they came to our closing night performances, but I never really got to see them since we strike everything immediately following the final show. This year, we'll be able to hang out afterward, if the show doesn't run too long. Yay!

Once the first show closes, we've got a week to pull everything together before Peter Pan. It performs during the day to usually full houses of local elementary school students and opens on Saturday for the public. One perk of being involved in a children's show is not having to attend class the week of performance. I'll have to make up whatever work I miss, of course, but that will really only effect government.

Yes, on top of a solid month of working on shows, I also have to keep up with my classes. Sometime around the time Peter Pan closes and our third show gears up, we'll have mid-terms in most classes. I'm not always sure how I keep up with everything, but I've managed it for four years now. I know I must love it, otherwise I would've dropped all of it long ago. See you on the other side of the chaos, readers! :)
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