15 November 2009

Long time, no type.

Stumbled my way back here. Maybe my mom and Nessa can motivate me to get back into this blogging thing. Right now, I've got a couple of scripts to memorize for rehearsals Monday. Two acting scenes, ten minutes each. I've held each script less than a week and am supposed to be off book already. Oh boy... Time to get to work.

Anyone who stopped by here and was disappointed by the lack of an actual blog entry, check out these other blogs. They're pretty cool and newer to the blogosphere. :)

Mistress Mary and Quite Contrary are doing a remodel of their blog. Its well worth a visit.

Jayde's Little Corner will give you a glimpse into the life of a small town Texas mom, artist, and all around cool person.

Jayde's other half, Terzula, is also very cool. He's got a clear view of the world and every now and then can be pretty profound. ;)

I'll get an actual update going soon. :)
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