27 June 2009


The summer routine was going in full force up until last night. Everything kind of derailed. I was working, like usual for summer, at a convenience store near the edge of town. My step-dad was there as well, doing his evening stocking hours. It had been a pretty slow night, no lines of customers at the register, but they were coming in pretty steadily. It seemed like every time I moved from behind the counter to do a side-job, somebody else would come in. This prevented me from doing my safe drops, which turned out to be my own fault. That was how it started, normal enough.

This guy comes in and pre-pays for gas, so I set the pump and go to put the money in the register. As soon as the drawer was open, his hands reached over and grabbed. I reacted automatically, grabbing back, but I missed. Yelling "hey!" very loudly, I kept on acting automatically and followed him out of the store. By the time I hit the doors, he was in his car. It was turned off. I got close enough to watch him shift into drive before my brain kicked in, going: "okay, what are you going to do now?" As he drove off, I noted the license plate number.

The next hours or so was hellish as the adrenaline started to wear off. The store manager and my stepdad both praised me for being so gutsy while I kept telling them I hadn't planned any of it. When I was filling out a police report, the manager came into the back room where I was and told me the bad news. I'd been fired.

For chasing the guy and trying to get the money back, I was fired.

The pay there was good, but it doesn't seem worth fighting to keep the job, so my job hunt will start fresh on Monday. After last night's insanity, I think I deserve a weekend off.
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