17 February 2012

Busy, busy

Wow. Blogging. I remember this.

Life has been moving on and doing it so fast I'm just trying to keep up. I spent all of last week (was it only last week?) as a pledge for Alpha Psi Omega, the national theater honors fraternity, and was officially inducted on Sunday February 12. This was actually my second invitation to join, though it was my first time to become a pledge. I am so thrilled to finally be a part of Alpha Psi Omega! Another cool piece of news: I will be graduating with my big (the fraternity member who is acting as a mentor while I'm new to the group) in May. I thought that was really cool.

After Pledge Week ended, everybody started focusing on the musical we have opening next week. A bug of some sort has also started circling the department, which isn't cool at all. Once the show closes, I'm hoping to get a chance to go home and visit my parents, my pets, etc. before insanity descends again.

In March, I face my advanced directing class senior project. I get to direct and design a forty minute one act play with a maximum rehearsal time of forty-five hours over four weeks. That should be interesting, to say the least.This weekend, as usual, I get to live in the theater while we enter into the mad dash to get everything finished before opening night. Next week, during the run of the show, there'll be a lot of the same. I'm on light crew, running a spotlight, and on the hair and make-up crew. Here's hoping everything goes smoothly.

Glad to be back to blogging. I hope I can make more time for this and get back to doing it regularly.
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