10 May 2011

Sore muscles

Went on another run today. I am still keeping walking in my alternating routine. I managed to run two minutes in a row instead of just one and did a total of ten minutes running time. My muscles are very sore now, but I'm still loving it. Taking it easy this evening and will determine whether to run tomorrow or give my legs a day to recover. I need to figure out a few more hamstring stretches; my right hamstring is getting sore faster than my other muscles. for now, my focus for each run is time, not distance. After I get some good endurance, a good base on it, etc. I'll start tracking my mileage. Til then, I'll just keep putting one foot in front of the other!

I've noticed lately that my interest in spending time online goofing around has seriously waned. I don't want to role-play as much as I used to; I haven't been on twitter or facebook in ages. This has really got me to thinking, wondering why this change has come after a lot of time with the internet as a prime source of recreation that I chose to fill so much of my time. Guess I forgot how much I really enjoy being on my feet and doing things. Maybe in time, I'll be running instead of sitting in front of the computer.  Maybe. ;)
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