10 March 2011

Truths Taught in Bars

Today, I went to Nashville with my neighbor, Nessa, for the weekend. No, I'm not mad about country music. We took this trip to attend a Twilight convention. It lasts all weekend and everything starts tomorrow. I'm excited, which is a nice change from the plane ride. Well, just airport security, really.

No, I wasn't sneaking anything onto the plane. I simply hadn't set foot on a plane since '98 on a trip to New York City. I was with my parents during that trip and travelling as a minor. Very different experience. For this trip, things did go very smoothly. The flight didn't feel as long as it really was, maybe because there was no real change of scenery from the inside of the plane.

After we landed, I got to meet some people I know from twitter. It was pretty cool-and very interesting. The person who picked us up was hyped up on caffeine and energy drinks. I think she might be more ADD than me. I have learned that she's a partier, while I am not. Our first night in Nashville, we went to Coyote Ugly.

God, I am so not a bar person. Yes, I enjoyed it, but its really not my scene. The experience was interesting, sitting directly under a speaker mounted above the bar. Once my budgeted alcohol money ran out, I spent most of my time looking for a quiet corner where there was none. One of the ladies in the group I was with danced on the bar quite a bit. Again, fun to watch. Highly amusing. Still not my scene.

I know it might sound like I'm doing nothing but complain. I really don't want or mean for it to come across that way, honest. It truly was a uniquely fun experience-just one that lasted a little too long for my tastes. Besides that, quite simply, it sucks having to walk out of a bar after a good four hours, at least, and know you're stone sober. Coaxing people who can't walk straight or prying a couple of strangers apart from where they've attached at the lips isn't my idea of a good time. Despite this, I did find out that cinnamon whiskey tastes pretty damn good, though I can only really handle it a shot at a time.

Convention starts tomorrow. I'm so excited!
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