12 January 2011

Life Goes On

Hello, my pretty pretty blog! I promise I'm not forgetting you on purpose! *brushes dust off main page* Okay, so it's been a while. Scrolling through, I see that I'm averaging, at best, two entries a month, if that. Wow, that's gotta change. ANYway.

Those of you who have been reading my Mom's blog might already have an idea of what's been going on. Good news: Dad's back on his feet, hobbling a little, after having all his toenails removed. I have pics of the cleaning process while everything was still healing. Not so good news: Grandma had a mild heart attack on, of all days, her birthday. She ended up in the hospital for two weeks and have to go through bypass surgery. I was in charge of the house for that time and, honestly, I think I did a better than average job of keeping things in order considering the suddenness with which everything happened. Mom, Dad, and Grandma made it home yesterday evening. Grandma has had to quit smoking after about 50 years and she's on oxygen right now, which she doesn't like at all.

Now that everyone's back home, Mom and I are working on getting the house back in order. School will be starting for the spring semester on the 18th. It's my senior year. I think it just might kill me. Lol. I'm taking a full 18 hour course load this semester with only two theater classes, three if you count Improv. My classes include: lighting design, Spanish, business and professional speaking, Shakespeare, Improv, and Texas government. In addition to that, I've been continuing my internship research in hopes that I can get an internship for this summer. I won't graduate until my internship is completed, so it is very important that I'm able to do it this summer so that I'm not held up an entire year.

In other news, I'm determined to try and blog more often. I've also been continuing some of last semester's work to improve my physical appearance, the way I carry myself, etc. and have managed to develop a little more awareness of that, I hope. With all the work I have this semester, keeping up with all that too just might be nothing short of a miracle. Wish me luck!
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